About Us

Welcome to our store, or as we say in Greek, Kalos Orisate! (Καλώς Ορίσατε)

Doromu.com is the prime online destination for gifts with Greek heritage! We created this online store to give you the ability to find unique Greek gifts at unbeatable prices, and at the same time help the Greek economy, since our gifts are made in Greece or by Greeks. In addition we wanted to give Greeks another outlet to sell their products abroad.

Greek gifts are a great way to show love and appreciation to friends, relatives and colleagues while also spreading Hellenism and Greek culture at the same time. 

We want to help you find unique pieces, each one with its own history and message, that promote Greek culture and philosophy. We know our friends love it when we bring them presents from our last trip to Greece and we are sure your loved ones will adore it too!

At Doromu you have the chance not just to buy a present for somebody, but also to introduce them to something Greek, whether it is a game, a religious item, or a piece of art by a Greek artist, without having to fly to Greece.

Our items are 100% made in Greece - or 100% made by Greeks!